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Wine Fridges

Wine Fridges

  • At least 20% of the enjoyment contained in a wine can be lost through poor handling. A few simple steps will prevent this.
  • Try not to open bottles the moment they arrive. Give them a few days' rest... you'll notice the difference.
    • Keep the wine in the dark, out of direct sunlight, away from vibration and at a constant temperature.
    • The "golden temperature" for wine is 55°F. Wine should normally be stored between 50-60°F, although a range of 45-65°F is considered acceptable.
  • Lower, colder temperatures cause the aging process to slow down, preventing the wine from aging properly. A higher, warmer temperature causes premature aging, although not in a "good" way. If a wine is kept over 85°F for even a single month, irreparable damage is done to it.
  • If keeping wine more than six months, keep the bottles lying down to prevent corks dry out and letting the air in.
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