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About Us

A warm welcome to Wines Direct...

With the increasing interest in wines in Malaysia, Wines Direct was launched in 2006 to deliver quality wines at wholesale prices... direct to your door.

5 years on, you can now look forward to discovering over 400 quality wines from around the world, from both the classic and little-known regions. With our next day home delivery service; our quality guarantee; our range of wines and mixed cases, we hope you find the updated web site informative, helpful and most of all inspiring - we look forward to your order!

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Remember : the above does not include retail & restaurant margins.

What you spend on wine

Because of the costs involved in wine, the very cheapest wines are rarely the best value for money. Excise duty, tax, transport and packaging are virtually the same whether the wine is a basic table wine or a fine estate wine. By paying a little extra you'll get a disproportionate increase in the amount of wine quality for your money. The higher the price, the higher the percentage represented by the wine itself.